I've finished the version of the game and I will not change it. The Vincent story was interesting to study, but I want to talk about different things. I will use Vincent aesthetics and will rethink it. I will change the story for the one more important for me and, maybe, for others. 

This project was more or less personal and I conveyed things that were important for me at the moment. It was my first app, that I tested on the phone, so it is very important for me. Many great people helped me with the test and I even went to the conference with it. Now I know what I to do next and how I can use this experience. Thanks for the support! 


Fixed the bug, when same colors didn't flashed. Changed the platform - now it is a mobile game and I will continue making it mobile. Presented that version on White Nights Conference in Moscow, got a lot of useful feedback and understood, how I can significantly upgrade the game. The main focus will stay the same, but I will change game mechanics to a simplier one. 

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